All participants - One platform

Meet Milestone

Always on track due to optimized matching processes and digital solutions for trial conduct.

Clear Communication

Clear contact persons. Clear & convenient communication channels. Always up to date, due to automatic updates & notifications.

Patient Centricity

Reduction of coordination and administrative effort. More time for patients and their care.

Get matched.

Get connected.

Deliver faster.

Benefit from data-driven processes that help you find the right partners. Matching sites, trials & vendors regarding trial-specific needs.

Clear contact persons, communication channels and live-updates ensure faster coordination and clarification.

The integration of various tools for data collection and management as well as decentralized clinical trials enables a faster trial conduct.

We need to rethink and rearrange how clinical trials are being managed. Radically increase speed. No compromises in reliability & safety. Driven by a 100% patient-centric mindset.


Accelerate your market approval

Painful post-recruitment, dissatisfied & demotivated sites, high patient drop-outs or study delays?

Let Trialflow help you to find sites, CRAs and vendors that actually fit your study. Take advantage of digital tools around study conduct. Keep track and see challenges before they become problems.


Let Trialflow help you to find sites, CRAs and vendors that actually fit your study.
More time for patients - less time for overhead

More time for patients - less time for overhead

Intransparency about ammendments, hidden efforts in studies, missing contact persons, filling out the same forms over and over again?

Gain visibility with Trialflow - an application that takes effort away from you, not adds to it. From feasibility to closeout - always know what's going on.


Receive orders and gain increased predictability

No transparency about trials' status? No ability to plan and keep track of actual study start points? Annoying communication? 
Join Trialflow and gain transparency about current trials' progress! Get to schedule routes and appointments. Always know who is in charge.

Receive orders and gain increased predictability
ClinMatch benefits illustrated


With our first product ClinMatch we were already able to make a difference in site recruitment processes and thus the study startup for first sponsors and sites.

Simplify your study start-up
ClinMatch uses data-driven processes to connect sites with sponsors and thus existing patients with suitable trials.

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100% compliance, quality and safety

100% compliance, quality and safety

Our digital platform and processes ensures data-privacy and security standards across multiple geographies.



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